[h'eres × semoh] VOL.1 The origin of Kanayama, one shirt

 A JOURNAL has been launched that delves into h'eres manufacturing.

The first episode is not about jewelry, but about the clothes that Director Kanayama loves.

The beautiful appearance can be felt just by hanging it on a hanger. When you put it on, you feel a mysterious comfort as if it is wrapping around your body. This is the shirt of semoh , designed by Hiroyuki Ueyama .

h'eres director Kanayama Taisei has been fascinated by the brand since he first tried it on while working as a staff member at a select shop in Kanazawa in 2014 , and has worn it so much that he buys two or three pieces each season.

The brand name, which is "Homes" read backwards, represents the coexistence of the " sense of freedom " you feel when you're at home and the " sense of tension " you feel when you're out and about. The shirts use supple materials, such as velour and rayon, which are rare for men's clothing. The details and cutting are meticulously calculated. At first glance, they may look simple, but when worn by men they exude a nuance not found in ordinary dress shirts, while on women they create a mysterious balance that gives them a mannish look. Kanayama describes them as "shirts that have a sense of inclusiveness, regardless of gender or body type."

"When I design h'eres jewelry, I am conscious of a round mood. The smooth, timeless form is not bound by the personality of the wearer or the era. Looking back, I think the reason I found Semo's shirts so uniquely appealing is because they combine the perfection of a shirt with a roundness that is the ideal product for me."

At h'eres , which aims to create jewelry that is minimal and embraces all personalities, the starting point of director Kanayama's creation was a shirt from semoh . h'eres will soon deliver to you a shirt that was created in collaboration with semoh , a masterpiece that only a jewelry brand can create.


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