From this NEW COLLECTION, h'eres is
New K18 items will be added.

This is a new wave for h'eres, who has mainly worked with silver.

K18 is an alloy that contains 75.0% pure gold.
"K" stands for "KARAT."

Gold is a delicate and soft metal and is not suitable for jewelry as is.

By mixing silver, copper, palladium, etc., the strength is increased and it is processed to withstand daily use.

Among these, K18, which has a good balance of quality and strength, is the most beloved quality for wearable jewelry.

" Enjoy genuine quality as everyday fashion "

This is what h'eres envisions as "fashion jewelry."

The finishing touch is the stamp "K18" which marks the piece as a lifetime item.

- The dazzling shine of gold has fascinated people since around 6000 BC.

Some people dream and mine,
Some tried alchemy,
Some adorn themselves,
Some people look at liquidity.

The fascination that has always swirled and inspired people seems to have a definite power that goes beyond value.

In addition to the glamour of fashion, we add value that has been passed down through a long history.

I cherish the elation I feel at having the real thing.

The charm of Silver and the charm of K18

It's a striking collection.

" About the December order period "

" About the NEW COLLECTION "



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