A masterpiece created by craftsmanship.

Most of h'eres' jewelry is created by hand by artisans in Okachimachi, Tokyo.

Okachimachi, located near Ueno, has long flourished as one of Japan's leading jewelry towns.
Okachimachi is a district packed with shops, housing many wholesalers of precious metals and jewelry, metal engraving artisans, and manufacturers.

Each street in the city is named after a gemstone.
"Sapphire Street" "Emerald Avenue" "Ruby Street"...
It's a lovely expression of how jewelry is deeply rooted in the city.

In this small area, manufacturing techniques and people have been passed down through the generations.

h'eres jewelry is created through collaboration between designers and craftsmen.

The craftsmanship we would like to introduce is by Toyo Seiko, located in Okachimachi.
We have been working on this since h'eres was first created.

Jewelry is a delicate item, so it is handcrafted with attention to detail down to 0.01 mm.
Craftsmanship that brings out the ultimate beauty.

In harmony with new technologies.
The smooth mirror surface is created by applying just the right amount of pressure during polishing.

H'eres jewelry is created by artisans who are constantly exploring new techniques.

This time, we will introduce a part of it.


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