[h'eres x semoh] VOL.2 The chemical reaction that occurs between minimalists

It was three years after Kanayama first put on a Semo shirt that he met designer Ueyama. He had the opportunity to visit the designer's Tokyo atelier accompanied by a senior buyer.

What excited Kanayama was the line-up of archives from Semoh 's collection, and a chair in the corner of the atelier. "It was Marcel Breuer's masterpiece, the Wassily Chair. I was enthralled at first sight, and Ueyama told me all sorts of stories about products and designers. He has a deep knowledge of architecture, and sometimes draws inspiration for his designs from famous buildings, while other times he imagines a woman living in a vintage apartment and comes up with a design. I was able to understand the reason behind the ' depth ' of Semoh 's designs."

Because h'eres accessories are handmade one by one, "I want to incorporate the same aesthetic sense as furniture and architecture into my creations. The impression I got from Ueyama-san is part of the DNA that flows through me and h'eres ," Kanayama continues. "It may be presumptuous to make a comparison, but while Ueyama-san is logical and conceptual with his knowledge and experience at semoh , I can't compete with him there, so here's expresses a straightforward sensibility that matches the times. Both of us have minimalist designs, but our approach to creation is completely opposite. That's why I think that if we create things together, a great chemical reaction will be born."

Kanayama drew the design and Ueyama created the pattern for this collaborative shirt, which has a genderless feel with its oversized cuffs. It was inspired by a woman sitting on a Wassily chair. The attached belt is studded with h'eres ' handmade studs, giving it a casual, out of place feel.

The first collaboration between h'eres and semoh will begin on August 13th with pre-orders for shirts and belts. Please look forward to it.


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