h'eres concept.


h'eres from JAPAN TOKYO fine jewelry 

A little edge simplicity

Genderless accessories that look, look, and feel different depending on who wears them

Authentic design that goes with any fashion

The coexistence of individuality and a subtle hint of intelligence and edge

Essence 1

here is.

Even if your clothes change every day, HERE'S wants to remain a constant presence.

The material is Sterling Silver (925), not only for its beauty but also for its gentleness on the skin.

Furthermore, crude and gaudy designs are not suitable for everyday accessories.

We are particular about creating a simple, pared-down form that gives a sense of security and reliability.

Essence 2

Intelligence & elegance .

Even if we all have different personalities, we want each person to be able to shine in their own way. We believe in the power of " wearing. "

We want to create accessories that inspire the wearer with intelligence, sophistication, and the courage to "be themselves." With this desire in mind, we handcraft each piece in our atelier.

Here's creations are born from the finest materials produced by nature, everyday experiences that stimulate the five senses, and a desire to explore nature and culture.

Essence 3

she is, he is. - embracing all individualities -

The resulting Hears rings and necklaces are

It will give off a warm and friendly vibe.

Here's curvy and smooth shape,

An inclusive attitude that does not define boundaries based on personality, age, gender, etc.

It also reflects our hopes for an ever-expanding brand community.


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