October pre-order / October pre-order sales

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The order sales period for October is as follows:

Date and time: Friday, October 27th, 21:00 - Thursday, November 9th, 23:59

Delivery time: 1 to 1.5 months after the end of the order period ( scheduled to be shipped between 12/10~12/22 )

*Please note that delivery dates may vary depending on the weather.

Order items: Items listed on the website

(Excluding EXCLUSIVE)

This order sale is scheduled for shipping from December 10th to December 22nd, so if you are thinking of buying a Christmas gift, please take advantage of this opportunity.

*We are planning a POPUP during the Christmas season, but it will be held in the Kanto region.

*We will be selling stock at the POPUP, but not all items, so if you are interested in purchasing a product, please take advantage of this opportunity.

*We cannot tell you what products will be in stock at the POPUP. (Products may change depending on sales.)

We have received many inquiries regarding restocking items that sold out during the order period. Orders will close once all items are sold out.

(If there is a resale, we will announce it on Instagram.)

Please be aware of this before making your decision.

Also, when you add the item to your shopping cart, your purchase will be confirmed when the payment completion screen is displayed, so please be careful when making your purchase.

Here's Takahashi.


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